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  • Why TodaysMeet?

    TodaysMeet was one of the first backchannel tools built for classroom use. Teachers and students alike love and use TodaysMeet for a number of reasons.

    • TodaysMeet is simple.

      While there are powerful tools available, conversation, the main activity, is very easy. Open a web page (or scan a QR code or more), enter a nickname, and start participating. TodaysMeet focuses on minimizing distractions and keeping that core experience simple and uninterrupted.

    • TodaysMeet is a platform for educators.

      Rooms are very simple concepts that teachers have adapted to countless activities. From lectures to test prep to sick days to Socratic Seminars,

    • TodaysMeet is safe.

      Rooms are never listed publicly, so only the people who know the name of your room can join it. With Teacher Tools you can add more controls—and accountability.

      TodaysMeet can also be used as a safe social place, where students can experiment and learn without using more public, more permanent platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and without a permanent identity.

      TodaysMeet does not need any personal information from students—though some teachers and schools can opt to have students create accounts for accountability.

    • TodaysMeet is empowering.

      TodaysMeet dramatically improves classroom engagement, especially for learners who don't like to participate out loud.

      TodaysMeet empowers student voices, enhances existing activities, and enables whole new kinds of activity and interactions.

  • What is a "Room"?

    A room is a place for discussion! A room typically serves as a classroom backchannel, but can also be used for group work, quiet conversation, distributed classes (think sick days and snow days, or review sessions, political events, connecting with other classes around the world) and more!

    How you use rooms in your classroom is up to you. You get to pick a name for each room, and how long it will stay open, up to one year. (You can, of course, close the room whenever you need to.)

    You can have as many room as you need. Open a fresh one every week, or even every day, for each class, or re-use the same room to create more continuity. It's up to you!

    Rooms are never listed publicly and or in search engines. Only the people who know the name of your room

    Joining a room is easy. A room is represented by a URL. For example: is a room called "ROOM_NAME". There are more options and tools to help get your class up and running.

  • How do I open a new room?

    Opening a new room is easy! Just go to the home page and fill out the simple form.

    1. Pick a name for the room. The name must not already be in use by an open room. Try customizing the name, e.g., instead of "Science," try a name like "MrJScience4" or "EGFHSScience10-10". Make the name unique, but easy to spell.

    2. Pick an expiration date. All TodaysMeet rooms close automatically after a certain amount of time. (If you're logged in, you can close them early.) You can choose many times between one hour and one year.

    3. If you're logged in: Decide who you want to allow into the room. Only people who know the name of the room can join, but you can limit that further and increase the accountability by requiring that students be logged in to their own accounts, or, with Teacher Tools, specifically log in with a school email address.

    4. Click the button, you're done! You will be taken directly to your new room.

  • How do I (or my students) join a room?

    Joining a TodaysMeet room is as simple as visiting a web page. A room's web address (or URL) is the same as its name, so if the room is MyFancyRoom, the address is To join, simple point a web browser to that page.

    There are a few ways to share the room's address.

    • You can tell or show students the address, and have them type it into their browsers.
    • You can send them a link to the room (or to its short URL).
    • You can use the QR codes to help students with phones or tablets join without needing to type the URL.
  • What happens when a room closes?

    When a room closes, either because the organizer closes it or automatically, a few things happen:

    1. The room and its transcript are no longer available on TodaysMeet. (Teacher Tools users can still access the transcript and opt to make it available to others.)

    2. The name becomes available to use again.

    Once a room is closed, it cannot be re-opened with the old comments, but the name can be re-used to open a new, blank room in the same place.

  • How do I use the projector view?

    The projector view is a special version of a TodaysMeet room that makes it easier to show the room to a large group, for example by showing it on a projector or other large screen.

    The projector view

    • doesn't include the "talk" half of the room, so it puts the conversation front and center;
    • has slightly larger text to make it easier to read from a distance; and
    • is narrower so it works well on projectors, or when zoomed-in.

    Otherwise, the projector view is just like the normal room. New comments appear at the top, and deleted messages are removed.

    The projector view is accessed from the Room Tools.