TodaysMeet Help

How do I open a new room?

Opening a new room is easy! Just go to the home page and fill out the simple form.

  1. Pick a name for the room. The name must not already be in use by an open room. Try customizing the name, e.g., instead of "Science," try a name like "MrJScience4" or "EGFHSScience10-10". Make the name unique, but easy to spell.

  2. Pick an expiration date. All TodaysMeet rooms close automatically after a certain amount of time. (If you're logged in, you can close them early.) You can choose many times between one hour and one year.

  3. If you're logged in: Decide who you want to allow into the room. Only people who know the name of the room can join, but you can limit that further and increase the accountability by requiring that students be logged in to their own accounts, or, with Teacher Tools, specifically log in with a school email address.

  4. Click the button, you're done! You will be taken directly to your new room.