TodaysMeet Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • Why TodaysMeet?

    TodaysMeet was one of the first backchannel tools built for classroom use. Teachers and students alike love and use TodaysMeet for a number of reasons.

    • TodaysMeet is simple.

      While there are powerful tools available, conversation, the main activity, is very easy. Open a web page (or scan a QR code or more), enter a nickname, and start participating. TodaysMeet focuses on minimizing distractions and keeping that core experience simple and uninterrupted.

    • TodaysMeet is a platform for educators.

      Rooms are very simple concepts that teachers have adapted to countless activities. From lectures to test prep to sick days to Socratic Seminars,

    • TodaysMeet is safe.

      Rooms are never listed publicly, so only the people who know the name of your room can join it. With Teacher Tools you can add more controls—and accountability.

      TodaysMeet can also be used as a safe social place, where students can experiment and learn without using more public, more permanent platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and without a permanent identity.

      TodaysMeet does not need any personal information from students—though some teachers and schools can opt to have students create accounts for accountability.

    • TodaysMeet is empowering.

      TodaysMeet dramatically improves classroom engagement, especially for learners who don't like to participate out loud.

      TodaysMeet empowers student voices, enhances existing activities, and enables whole new kinds of activity and interactions.

  • What is a "Room"?

    A room is a place for discussion! A room typically serves as a classroom backchannel, but can also be used for group work, quiet conversation, distributed classes (think sick days and snow days, or review sessions, political events, connecting with other classes around the world) and more!

    How you use rooms in your classroom is up to you. You get to pick a name for each room, and how long it will stay open, up to one year. (You can, of course, close the room whenever you need to.)

    You can have as many room as you need. Open a fresh one every week, or even every day, for each class, or re-use the same room to create more continuity. It's up to you!

    Rooms are never listed publicly and or in search engines. Only the people who know the name of your room

    Joining a room is easy. A room is represented by a URL. For example: is a room called "ROOM_NAME". There are more options and tools to help get your class up and running.

  • How do I open a new room?

    Opening a new room is easy! Just go to the home page and fill out the simple form.

    1. Pick a name for the room. The name must not already be in use by an open room. Try customizing the name, e.g., instead of "Science," try a name like "MrJScience4" or "EGFHSScience10-10". Make the name unique, but easy to spell.

    2. Pick an expiration date. All TodaysMeet rooms close automatically after a certain amount of time. (If you're logged in, you can close them early.) You can choose many times between one hour and one year.

    3. If you're logged in: Decide who you want to allow into the room. Only people who know the name of the room can join, but you can limit that further and increase the accountability by requiring that students be logged in to their own accounts, or, with Teacher Tools, specifically log in with a school email address.

    4. Click the button, you're done! You will be taken directly to your new room.

  • How do I (or my students) join a room?

    Joining a TodaysMeet room is as simple as visiting a web page. A room's web address (or URL) is the same as its name, so if the room is MyFancyRoom, the address is To join, simple point a web browser to that page.

    There are a few ways to share the room's address.

    • You can tell or show students the address, and have them type it into their browsers.
    • You can send them a link to the room (or to its short URL).
    • You can use the QR codes to help students with phones or tablets join without needing to type the URL.
  • What happens when a room closes?

    When a room closes, either because the organizer closes it or automatically, a few things happen:

    1. The room and its transcript are no longer available on TodaysMeet. (Teacher Tools users can still access the transcript and opt to make it available to others.)

    2. The name becomes available to use again.

    Once a room is closed, it cannot be re-opened with the old comments, but the name can be re-used to open a new, blank room in the same place.

  • How do I use the projector view?

    The projector view is a special version of a TodaysMeet room that makes it easier to show the room to a large group, for example by showing it on a projector or other large screen.

    The projector view

    • doesn't include the "talk" half of the room, so it puts the conversation front and center;
    • has slightly larger text to make it easier to read from a distance; and
    • is narrower so it works well on projectors, or when zoomed-in.

    Otherwise, the projector view is just like the normal room. New comments appear at the top, and deleted messages are removed.

    The projector view is accessed from the Room Tools.

Teacher Tools

  • How do I use the "My School" option?

    For districts where students have school-issued email addresses, My School lets you increase the safety and accountability of TodaysMeet for your students by requiring them to not just log in with a TodaysMeet account, but to log in with a school-issued email address.

    Before you can use the My School access option for a room, you need to be sure to configure your school's domains in your settings. This setting will apply to all rooms limited to My School.

    The domain portion of an email address is the part after the @ sign. So, for example, in the address, the domain is

    There are usually one or two important email domains for a district.

    • There may be one domain for all students, staff, and faculty (for example or
    • Or there may be two domains, one for students, and one for faculty and staff (e.g. and

    You should check with your district tech staff if you are not sure.

    Enter the domains, as many as you need for your school, one on each line, on your settings page and click Update domains.

    Step-by-step Instructions

    1. Once you've signed up for Teacher Tools, visit /accounts/settings#my-domains.
    2. Enter each email domain that is used in your school. (See examples above.) Enter one domain per line and click Update domains.
    3. Open a room—or change the access rules of an open room—and set it to My School.
    4. Have students visit TodaysMeet and create an account for an account with their school email address.
    5. Students must be logged in to this account to see or participate in the room.

    Verified Accounts

    To join a My School room, users need to be logged in to a verified account, which means they must confirm that the email address belongs to them. There are three ways to verify an account:

    • Create a TodaysMeet account with a Google account
    • Connect a Google account that has the same email address you used to create your account
    • Follow the link to Confirm Your Account in the welcome email we send

    Many schools do not allow student email addresses to receive email from outside sources. To verify their TodaysMeet accounts, students must have Google accounts, or be able to receive email from

    My School is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • How do I access transcripts of my closed rooms?

    With Teacher Tools, you enjoy permanent access to Transcripts of your closed rooms. No more worrying about getting back to a room in time!

    On your home page, closed rooms appear appear in a different color than open rooms, but you can still click on them to get to the Transcript.

    There is a link to the Transcript in the collection of links to the right of the room name on your home page:

    transcript link for closed room

    Publish and Embed

    Not only can you access transcripts of closed rooms, but you can choose to make them available to others, with all the same access rules as open rooms! Transcripts can be embedded or you can share links to them on TodaysMeet.

    Once a room has closed, it is, by default, only visible to its organizer. You can change the access rules by clicking the lock icon, exactly how you'd do it for an open room!

    access controls for closed rooms

    Transcript access is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • What happens when I Pause a room?

    Pause lets you put a room on hold and restart it when you're ready.

    • Pause a room while giving instructions to keep attention focused
    • Run a "race" or prevent early answers
    • Prevent posts when you can't monitor the room, such as at night or over the weekend
    • Get a room set up ahead of time
    • Stop bad behavior before it gets out of hand

    When a room is Paused, only the organizer who opened the room can post new comments.

    Pause is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • How do room Topics work?

    Room Topics are short notes you can put at the top of your rooms.

    • Ask questions or give prompts
    • Help new-comers get on topics
    • Focus the conversation

    To set a topic, click where it says "Click here to add a topic", type your new topic, and press enter or click outside the yellow area.

    To change or erase a room's topic, click on the topic, change or remove the text, then press enter or click outside the yellow area.

    You can cancel editing the topic by pressing "Escape".

    When you update the topic in a room, everyone will see the new topic immediately. This lets you send new questions or prompts to students in real time.

    Topics are part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • What happens when I Mute a student?

    Mute helps prevent students from derailing a class or activity by silently hiding their disruptive comments.

    Students are not informed* that they have been muted. To the troublemaker, the class simply appears uninterested in their posts. Muting a student only applies to the current room.

    Mute is most reliable when combined with My School.

    Mute is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

    * If the room is projected or the student can see that their comments don't appear on another student's screen, they will probably figure it out.

  • How do I mute a participant?

    If a participant is persistently off-topic or causing problems, Teacher Tools subscribers can mute that participant for the duration of the room.

    To mute a participant, hover over a message (or tap on touch devices like iPads) from the participant. The "mute" and "delete" buttons should become visible. Then click on "Mute":

    the mute button on a message

    Mute is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • How do I change a room password?

    Room passwords can be added, changed, or removed after a room is open from your home page.

    1. Open the room tools by clicking on the dots next to the room's name.
    2. Under "Room Password", there is a field with the current password

      where to find the room password

    3. When you click or tap on the field, the current password will become visible:

      see the current password

    4. Add, change, or remove the current password and click the "Set Password" button.

    What happens to people currently in the room?

    If you add or change a room password, anyone currently connected to the room will be disconnected until they enter the new password.

    Room Passwords are part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • What happens when I change a room password?

    When you room password changes, anyone currently connected to the room will be disconnected and unable to rejoin until they enter the new password.

    users will see this message

    Room Passwords are part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • How do I cancel my Teacher Tools subscription?

    You can cancel your TodaysMeet Teacher Tools subscription at any time by visiting your subscription settings.

    1. Visit your Subscription Settings.
    2. Click Cancel Teacher Tools.

    Your credit card will be refunded for any time remaining in the current billing period.


  • Why can't I create my room?

    Room names must follow these rules:

    • 127 characters or less.
    • Must start with a letter or a number.
    • Must only contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), dashes (-) and underscores (_).
    • Must not be a reserved keyword.
    • Must not already be in use.
  • Why my room name "not available"?

    A room name may be unavailable for a few reasons, but the most common is that the name is already in use by another room. There will be a red "X" next to the name to indicate the name is not available.

    If the name you want is unavailable, you will need to find a new name. Some suggestions:

    • Avoid short, simple words, e.g. "Math" or "Science" as many other teachers may try to use the same name.
    • Customize names by adding your name, the school, or the grade or period, or some combination. For example, instead of "Science", try "ELMSScience" or "MrsSmithScience4".
    • If the name is very long, try shortening it.
    • If you re-use the name, double check that you do not still have an open room with the name.

    Room names must also follow a few rules to make them easy to copy, paste, and link:

    • Names cannot have spaces, periods, commas, or slashes.
    • Names must not start with a hyphen (but otherwise hyphens are OK).
    • Names must not be over 127 characters long.
    • Names can have letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores (_), as well as most multilingual letters.
  • What browsers does TodaysMeet support?

    As of March 15, 2016, TodaysMeet supports the following browsers:

    Evergreen browsers (supporting the two most recent versions):

    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox (and the most recent Extended Support Release)
    • Microsoft Edge

    Other browsers:

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 11
    • Apple Safari, version 8 and above

    Mobile browsers:

    • iOS version 8 and above
      • Safari
      • Chrome (most recent version)
    • Chrome for Android (most recent version)

    What is a Supported Browser?

    We test TodaysMeet in supported browsers, and we'll fix bugs that affect supported browsers.

    If a browser is not supported, it doesn't necessarily mean that TodaysMeet won't work, but if it does, there may be noticeable issues.

    What are "Evergreen" Browsers?

    Most browser makers have adopted a new approach to releasing new versions. Rather than making infrequent, big changes and asking you to download a new version, they release updates frequently and have the browser update itself so you don't have to.

    Because evergreen browsers update themselves frequently, it doesn't make sense for TodaysMeet to support specific versions of these browsers. Instead, we support the "two most recent" versions, which covers the majority of our users who use them.

  • What are the system requirements for TodaysMeet?

    Since TodaysMeet does not require you to download or install any software or apps, the only system requirement is a supported browser.

  • Why do I have to use a nickname or first name?

    To protect users under the age of 13, users without accounts can only use a first name or nickname when they join a room. In particular, nicknames cannot have

    • spaces, or
    • punctuation.

    This is according to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    Users who create accounts can use spaces or punctuation in their nicknames or full names. You must be at least 18 years old, or at least 13 years old with a parent's permission, to create an account.

  • A student forgot their password and can't get into their account

    If student's are using Google Apps for Education accounts and can't receive outside email, here's how to regain access to an account in the event of a lost or forgotten password.

    1. If the Google account is now connected to a different TodaysMeet account, have the student disconnect the account in their settings, and log out.
    2. Sign into TodaysMeet with the Google account.
    3. The student will be prompted to connect the Google account to their matching TodaysMeet account without a password.

    The student will then have access to the TodaysMeet account! They won't be prompted to connect the account again in the future.

  • I click the "Open your room" button and nothing happens.

    There are two browser add-ons (also called extensions) that are known to cause problems with TodaysMeet: Ghostery and DoNotTrackMe. Disabling these add-ons on should fix the problem.

    If it does not, please contact


  • How can I close a room early?

    Logged in users can close their own rooms whenever they want or need to! Take control of your rooms by creating an account.

    On your home page, open the room details by clicking on the three dots () and then click on the close button

    close button on home page

    You can also close the room rom the Room Tools:

    close button in room tools

    In cases of cyberbullying or other content clearly violating the Terms of Use please contact

  • My room closed before I could save the transcript, can I still get the data?

    Teacher Tools includes permanent access to read, publish, and embed transcripts of your closed rooms. With Teacher Tools, you'll never need to worry about when a room is closing!

    For one-off requests, please email These requests may take several days, please be patient.

  • How can I save the contents of a room?

    The easiest way to save the contents of a room is to click on the Transcript link in the Room Tools below the list of messages and then save the page. There are a couple of ways to do that:

    • Use the provided Print button to print or save the page as a PDF.

    • Select the whole room (click and drag or use Control-A or Command-A), copy it, and paste it into a word processor, like TextEdit or Wordpad, then save the document.

    • Use "Save Page" in the File menu of your browser.

    • Some computers can "print" the page as a PDF.

  • Can I extend a room?

    No, the closing time of a room cannot be changed once the room is opened.

  • I saw a message from "TodaysMeet", "TodaysMeet Moderator", or "TodaysMeet Administrator", or a similar name. Is it real?

    No. TodaysMeet does not participate in Rooms. System notifications do not appear in Rooms' lists of messages or transcripts.

  • How many people can participate in a room?

    There is no limit to the number of participants in a TodaysMeet room, either at once or over time. TodaysMeet is often used with hundreds of people chatting together.

    To protect its infrastructure, if the open rooms belonging to one account have more than 500 concurrent connections for more than one hour, TodaysMeet reserves the right to close rooms to bring the number of connections down below 500.

  • How do I turn on Speaker Colors?

    Speaker Colors helps you keep track of who's speaking by associating a color with each user, even if they're anonymous or change their nickname. It's especially helpful in fast-paced rooms for following each participant's comments.

    Speaker colors on messages in a room

    To turn on Speaker Colors, open the Room Tools:

    Click on the Room Tools button

    Then check "Show speaker colors?" under Preferences:

    Check the box next to Show speaker colors

  • How do I change who can join a room?

    TodaysMeet rooms can be set to allow various groups to participate:

    • Anyone allows anyone who knows the address of the room to participate by entering a nickname. This is the easiest way to have people join a room.
    • Logged-in Users requires every participant be signed into a TodaysMeet account. This ensures that every comment is associated with an email address and can increase accountability.
    • My School (available with Teacher Tools) further limits participants to those with TodaysMeet accounts whose email address is associated with a school or district.

    Access to a room can be changed at any time from your home page. Expand the room options by clicking on the row, then pick a new access level. Your setting will be saved automatically.

    A screenshot of the access control setting

  • Where can I find the transcript of a room?

    For reading the transcript of a room after the conversation has taken place, TodaysMeet provides a Transcript view. In the Transcript view, comments are presented in the order they were posted, that is the oldest comments are at the top.

    To find the Transcript of a room that is still open, there are two links. From your home page, click or tap on the dots next to a room to expand the Room Tools:

    expand the room tools

    Then find the "Transcript" link on the left:

    location of the transcript link

    Alternatively, from the room itself, a link to the Transcript is available in the Room Tools. First, open the Room Tools:

    open the room tools

    Then click the Transcript link:

    the transcript link in the room tools

    Transcripts of Closed Rooms

    TodaysMeet Teacher Tools subscribers can also access the transcripts of their closed rooms. See How do I access Transcripts of my closed rooms? for more information.

  • How can I print the transcript of a room?

    TodaysMeet provides a convenient printer-friendly view for printing the Transcript of a room, or saving it as a PDF.

    On the Transcript, there is a Print button:

    print button

    Clicking this button will open your browser's Print dialog, and from there you can print the Transcript, save it as a PDF, or any other options available in your browser.

  • Why do we ask for your date of birth?

    When you create a TodaysMeet account, we ask for your date of birth to verify that you are over 13. This, along with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, helps us protect our users under 13 years of age by limiting the amount of data we collect from them.

    We do not store your birth date. We only record that you were at least 13 when you created your account.

  • How do I delete a comment?

    Unfortunately, from time to time a comment in a room is off-topic or inappropriate. One of the benefits of creating a free TodaysMeet account is the ability to remove comments from your rooms.

    To remove a comment from one of your rooms, either hover over it with your mouse, or tap it on a touch screen device (like an iPad), the word "delete" will appear:

    delete a comment

    Click or tap on "delete" and the comment will be removed from the room.


  • How will I get receipts?

    Receipts are emailed to your account email address every month.

    Because receipts are emailed to you, we need to verify your email address before starting your subscription.

  • What is a CVC?

    A Card Verification Code, or CVC (also called a CVV, CV2, CSC, or others) is an extra code printed on your credit card. It is usually the last three-digit number on the signature strip on the back. On American Express (AMEX) cards, it is usually a four-digit code on the front.

    The CVC is not embossed, unlike the card number and expiration date, or printed on receipts, and is an extra measure to protect against credit card fraud.

    This page has pictures to help locate the code on most common card types.


  • What is embedding?

    TodaysMeet enables you to embed a room on another website, like a class page or blog, so that your visitors can read the discussion—or even participate!—without leaving your website.

    For example, here's a TodaysMeet room embedded in a Moodle course:

    A room embedded in Moodle

    To get the embedding code for a room, open up the Room Tools menu and select Embed >:

    Where to find embed codes

  • What's the difference between "Live Stream" and "Transcript"?

    When you embed a TodaysMeet room in another website, you can choose between a Live Stream or a Transcript.

    Embedding options

    A Transcript will display the comments in chronological order, with the newest comments at the bottom, and is useful for reading a room once the conversation has finished.

    A Live Stream is just like joining a room on, with the newest comments at the top. You can choose to make embedded room read-only, or to Allow participation, which lets visitors to your site join in on the conversation from your website!

  • What happens when an embedded room closes?

    When an room closes, either because it expires or is closed early, the room will display a notice anywhere that it is embedded, such as:

    Closed embedded room

  • Can embedded rooms still require users be logged in?

    Yes! Embedding a room does not change its privacy settings: if the room requires users to log in on TodaysMeet, it still requires them to log in when it's embedded on another site. Users can log in to TodaysMeet directly from the embedded room.

  • How do I embed a TodaysMeet room into my web page / Google Site / blog / etc?

    A TodaysMeet room can be embedded into any website or content management system (CMS) that supports <iframes>. In most cases if you can embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo, or a slideshow from Prezi or SlideShare, you can embed a TodaysMeet room.

    1. Copy the Other embed code from your TodaysMeet room.

    2. Create or edit a page on your site. If you are using an online editor or CMS, make sure to set the editor to "Source" or "HTML" mode.

    3. Paste in the code and save the page.

    4. That's it! You can now access your TodaysMeet room without leaving your website.

  • How do I embed a TodaysMeet room into Blackboard?

    You can embed a TodaysMeet room into Blackboard items with a few simple steps.

    1. Copy the Other embed code from your TodaysMeet room.

    2. Follow the steps from this helpful video to embed the room.

  • What is the TodaysMeet WordPress plugin? How do I use it?

    The TodaysMeet WordPress plugin makes it easy to embed your TodaysMeet rooms in your WordPress blog with a simple shortcode.

    [todaysmeet id=12345]


    Either download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory or search for "TodaysMeet" in the WordPress admin's Plugins page.

    Shortcode Attributes

    The id is required, but there are some optional attributes to the shortcode:

    • type - set to "live" to switch to a Live Stream.
    • participate - set to "yes" to allow visitors to your blog to join and participate in the room. (Note that type must be set to "live" for participate to have an effect.)
    • width - allows you to control how wide the embedded room is. Defaults to 100%.
    • height - allows you to control how tall the embedded room is. Defaults to 400 (pixels).

    Here's an example with all the optional attributes:

    [todaysmeet id=12345 type=live participate=no width=50% height=300]

    Source Code

    The TodaysMeet WordPress plugin is open source software, released under the GPLv2 or later license. You can find the source code on GitHub and download, modify, fork, and submit pull requests!

  • How do I embed a TodaysMeet room into Moodle?

    You can embed a TodaysMeet room into any Moodle page (course, page, etc) where you can add a new HTML block.

    1. First, copy the Moodle embed code from your room.

    2. Go to your Moodle course. Make sure editing is turned on and add a new block:

      Add a block to Moodle

    3. Then configure the new block:

      Configure the new block

    4. Paste in the embed code. To paste successfully you may need to open the advanced editing options and turn on the code view:

      Turn on code editing

    5. Adjust any other settings on the new block and save it. Your room should now be on your Moodle course page!

      Embedded in Moodle

  • How do I embed a TodaysMeet room into Haiku?

    It's easy to embed a TodaysMeet room into Haiku using Haiku's Embed the Web.

    1. Copy the Haiku embed code from your room.

    2. Go to your Haiku course and click + Add Content Block.

    3. Select Embed the Web:

      Select Embed the Web

    4. Paste your embed code into Haiku and hit Next:

      Paste in the embed code

    5. Give your block a title, adjust any other settings, and click Save:

      Title and save the block

  • How do I embed a TodaysMeet room in Schoology?

    You can embed a TodaysMeet room into a Page, Assignment, or other types of Course Materials by using the the "Other" embed type.

    1. Copy the "Other" embed code from your room.

    2. Add or edit the Page or other Course Material in Schoology.

    3. Switch to the HTML editor:

      Switch editor mode to HTML

    4. Paste in the code, give your page a title, and click Create or Save Changes:

      Paste in HTML

    5. That's it! You and your students can now access your TodaysMeet room from your Schoology course.

  • Troubleshooting: Why can't I see my embedded room?

    There are several reasons you may not be able to see your TodaysMeet room. If you are using a learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle or Blackboard, that is run by your school, try contacting your technical support if the steps below don't work. If you are using a hosted LMS, such as Edmodo or Schoology, you may need to contact their help desk.

    I see code, not a room

    If you see code instead of the embedded room, re-edit the page, and make sure to switch the editor to Source or HTML mode before pasting the embed code.

    I see nothing at all

    Your LMS may not support <iframe> embedding, or may not allow embedding from TodaysMeet. Contact either your school's or the LMSes technical support to find out. (And ask if they can allow TodaysMeet!)