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Access to Transcripts Forever

You don’t have to worry about when a room closes – or closing a room early. Your transcripts and data will be available to you forever.

Now, TodaysMeet rooms you have embedded in other online software will remain open and working as long as you want. You will never lose that valuable resource in your class page or LMS.

Pause the Conversation

Put the conversation on hold, without closing the room, and start it up again whenever you are ready!

You can't monitor the room? Time's up for answers? Need to focus your class in other ways? Whatever the reason, temporarily pause the room, and open it back up later.

"My School" Access Control

Ramp up the privacy and accountability by limiting rooms to students and faculty at My School.

If your school has student email addresses, you can limit who can join, see, and participate in your conversations to your own school.

Password-protected Rooms

Room passwords limit who can join a room even when the participants don't have their own TodaysMeet accounts.

Use passwords to protect transcripts of closed rooms, and change them at any time.

A simple way to Mute Unruly Students

When a student tries to derail your conversation, you can now mute them—eliminating their posts from view.

The student you have muted won't know they've been shut down, but no one else in the room will see what they have to say, so their behavior will get no feedback and their posts will not disrupt your class.

Add Topics or Prompts to Your Rooms

Keep students focused by keeping the prompt, question, or topic at the top of your room. Your topic sentence or title will always be visible no matter how many responses roll in.

Yearly$57Save 5%!

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