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Hi Larchmont Bears! I hope you are having a great summer! Please write to share what you are reading!
So far this summer I have read three books. 2 self help books and just finished a Dogs Purpose!
We just read Junie B. Jones Toothless Wonder because I lost a tooth!
Mrs. Dera has read "Wonder" by RJPalacio
I just read 7 Habits of Happy Kids. It makes me think about my hopes and dreams for every Larchmont Bear!
I am reading Harry Potter:The people are trying to find out who killed the Riddles
I just finished reading mocking bird and it is really tragic
Leah has read: The Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut, Trolls Hugs & Friends, My Dog Does My Homework, Olivia goes to Venice, Owl Diaries Warm
Leah cont. Hearts Day. Leah has also reread I Am Pusheen the Cat and is currently reading The ACB with Honora Lee by Kate De Goldi
Liana has read:Owl Diaries Eva Sees a Ghost, Cupcake Diaries Emma all Stirred Up, Spaceheadz, Cupcake Diaries Mia in the Mix, My Dog Does
Liana cont. My Homework. Liana has reread I Am Pusheen the Cat, and is currently reading Cupcake Diaries Katie batter up! by Coco Simon
Jonathan has read with his mom or sisters: First Base Blues, Today is Sunny, Too Short for the Court, and Twist Dig and Drill.
Jonathan also read independently and is currently rereading the little paperbooks he read in Kindergarten that his teacher sent home
I just finished "The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey". Thank you Mrs. Keane for recommending the book!
I just read Arthur's underwear with my sister
Right now i am reading Monkey see monkey do
I am now reading the runaway dolls with my sister
today I read my name is Maria Isabelle
i just read chapter 2 of the runaway dolls
I am reading My Name Is Maria Isabel and Maria thinks that she won't make and friends because she is going to a new school
Maria tripped and fell there were kids laughing at
... her because she fell
I just read chapter 3 of the runaway dolls
I am reading Chapter 2 of my name is maria isable and maria thinks that is not bad wants her teacher to stop calling her mary and she she
Maria Isabel teacher was getting mad at because she is no answering the teachers questions.
One day when day after schools Maria was walking back home and she said how was your day at school Maria said fine
When Maria go home from school Anitio would talk about he so many new friends
Maria didn't her mother that math was going very well and forgotten to tell her that her teacher called her Mary again that afternoon
Maria family moved because Maria dad got a offer that he should clean and Maria's family dosen't to pay rent anymore
Maria moms didn't like how she was cooking one day after she was going to get a job and she give antino and maria a key
When Maria Isabel got home from school her apartment was empty her Mom and Dad was at work and Antiono was doing a after school program
Maria wrote her on a piece of paper wrote her name and every time she writes it get's bigger and bigger
I read Charlotte's Web with my Grandma. Wilbur the pig is one of the characters.
This evening I read Arnie the Doughnut Cooked Up by Laurie Keller. It was such a funny book. I really liked when Arnie didnt know that he
was going to get eaten and he kept yelling at Mr. Bing.
Today I read Katie Batter up!
Today I read Cupcake Diaries Katie Batter Up! by Coco Simon chapter 4. In Chapter 4 Katie decided to play sports like her, but she didn't
like it. She pretended to be her friends for a day. Katie added expired baking soda to her grandma's 78th birthday cake and the cake didn't
Today I read Judy Moody and Friends Jessica Finch in Pig Trouble. This book was interesting because Jessica and Judy tried to find a pig.
Judy ended up giving Jessica a pig for her birthday.
Today I read Judy Moody and Friends Amy Namey in Ace Reporter. In this book Amy was looking for a scoop so Judy helped her. They found old
gum and thought it was from King Tut. Stink ate the gum and that was the big new until they found a monster.
Today I read Train Trip by Cari Meister with my mom. I like this book because I like trains. The train went through a tunnel and over a
Today I started reading Judy Moody and Friends Amy Namey Ace Reporter. I think it is interesting that Amy is looking for big news. I also
liked this book because Judy helps her friend.
The other day I read Up Hamster Down Hamster by Kass Reich to my little sister Emma. She enjoyed it!
Today I read Moms Do So Much by Edie Evans with my dad. I liked this book because it has elephants in it, and I like elephants.
Today I Emma on Thin Icing.It is about Emma and her club making a wedding cake for her mom they are single the are mini bride they jumped on
the couch and they wanted to know how to make a wedding cake.
i just started reading dinosaur summer
i read the fisherman and his wife, i kinda liked it
how the tiger got his stripes was interesting because they switched places
let's do nothing book i did not like it very much
how a naked mole rat gets dressed was very funny
maisy goes to the bookstore was great
fruits in suits book I just loved it
The Goodbye Book was awesome!
Be who you are was about people tellling you to keep your hair the way it is and other stuff
what is chasing duck was super funny!!
Nannette's Baguette's - she ate it.
all in a day was kind of good
pigs make me sneeze - love it !!!!
bookshop dog, i loved that the dog let people pet him and give him cookies
Baby Bear what do you see was amazing
Waddle Waddle was funny
Stripes the TigerCat - i liked how they switched places
Today I read chapter 5-7 of Katie batter. Up it was about Katie trying to do more sports she failed at all of them.
So Emma walked over to her and encouraged her friend, and decided to try again.
Today I read Pete's Shoes. I like this book because Pete high top shoes.
Today I also read Math is Everywhere Math with Toys with my mom. I like this book because I got to count all the toys.
Today I started reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. I saw the movie and wanted to see how the book compared to the movie.
I just read My Brother Charlie by Holly and Ryan Peete. It's a special story about a girl and her twin brother who has autism.
Crocodile and Hen: A Bakongo Folktale by Joan Lexau. It's great to celebrate how we are different & alike. We all have something in common.
Today I started reading The Adventurers Of Arnie The Doughnut And The spinny icky showdown .I like this book because it is extremely
funny. Like the time wen Arnie can't even pik up a Pensacola so he ask peezo to help! inset that a little funny.
correction: like the time when Arnie can't pick up a pencil and asks his friend Peezo to help. That was so funny!!
Today I read The Flower Garden by Judy Wallace. I like liked this book because of the flowers and butterflies.
Today I read Katie batter up chapter 7-13 and it was about Katie trying new sports she fail at all but one and it was softball.
so she tried out for it and did not make it to the teem she ran away crying and she left her family only in the dark they had no.
ride no home and no food they are home less so they walk to Emma's house and asked if they could stay there and they enplaned.
and Katie drove there and the house was smashed by a wreck ball and Emma let them stay there in tell they find some where to live
i am on chapter one o my name is maria isabelle
I read owl sees owl, I loved the part where the owl got to fly
Maisy goes to the movies was fun when they got the tickets
I read my favorite author Mo Willems book That is not a good idea - it was very funny that the fox went into the pot.
A small thing but big was good, it had some hard words but I liked how the old man was super nice
Prickles vs. the dust bunnies is so fun to read with different voices for the characters
Today I read Katie Batter up 13-14 and it was about Katie trying to find her personal sport that she liked and it is softball
the First day went wrong and she want to keep trying but she did not like it and she did not know what to do
today I finish reading Arnie the doughnut and the spiny icky showdown . it was amazing ! some of the characters even got married. for
example one of the twins and cave man.
Today I read The Frog by Judy Wallace. I liked this book because the little boy was trying to catch the frog so it can play with him.
Today I read the hall of Justice chapter 1-4 and it was about three kids that wanted to help the world with Bully's there names.
are Batman Superman Superwomen they wanted to form a team they all agreed
Today I read Sprint Cars by Sarah L. Schuyler with my mom. I like this book because this book is about race cars and I love race cars.
Today I started reading Judy moody and the bad luck charm . Some parts were funny. like wen she said min all min! She said that because
Judy was so excited to win the purple rhino.
How about a hug was about a girl telling you how different hugs have different meanings.
Wag was about this little cat and dog and about love
Pinkalicious story time she wrote her own stories.
The book I will not wear pink was about a boy pig who wouldn't wear pink because he was pink.
I just finished and the Poppleton: In and story was about that needed and new coat
Today I read the hall of justice chapter 1-29
correction: chapter 4-10 and it was about how to handle a bully and not fight them
Today I read Let's Go Fly a Kite by Judy Wallace. I liken this because I love kites, and I like fly them.
I just finshed reading the fox and crow the crow learned a lesson sweet talking because said that she had a beuatiful voice
Today I red Judy moody bad lucky charm . She used a penny to help her win gam{'es
correction games.
I am now starting to read chapter 5 o the runaway dolls with my sister
I just finished reading Mr. Hedegehogs present he wanted to give Mrs. Hedegehog a Christmas he found a apple and Mrs.Hedegehog made crispy
... apple
I just finshed readding the house of Misterss House and Mr. Mouse looked last house he found was...Mistress Mouse house
... and she asked to marry and she said they were never lonley
Today I read study hall of Justice and it was about superman wonder women and Batman super women was actually wounder women and.
wounder women and supermen away taken away and was replace and they made a mess and Batman found the real hero's and stopped them
they all are sayed
correction saved them
Today I read Some Kids Use Wheelchairs by Lola Schaefer with my mom. I like this book because I learned about some of things wheelchairs can
help kids do.
today I started reading ready, set, dogs!. The part I liked is when Kate said NO DOGS ALLOWED! the dogs all got mad and was surprised.
I finished reading Charlotte's Web and I loved it! Today I started reading Dr. Nicholas is Ridiculous.
Today I read Pet Fish by Christina Gardeski. I like this because I learned somethings I did not know. I thought it was cool that fish can
smell and sense fear as water comes into the holes on the top of their head.
Today I read Katie the cupcake war and it was and it was about
correction chapter 1-2
and it was about Emma and Katie having a cupcake war about the type of cupcake for there job and it is the first day of school
Today I read Judy mood bad luck charm . I like wen she freaks out that she mite be going to D.C for a spelling bee. Judy gets a little
upset because she hast to spell in Order to get there.
Panda bee
panda bear what do you see was good, i liked the turtle
froggy goes to bed was funny at the bubble bath part
wag was about a dog who wags his tail its about love
animals should definitely not wear clothes because they rip holes in them from claws
there's a bear on my chair had a mouse who wasn't happy to share a chair
their is a grumpy frog in pete the cat and the missing cupcakes who stole the cupcakes
Today I read Judy moody bad luck charm. Judy did not go to D.C. for the spelling bee. But her family took Judy instead.
I'm currently in the Chapter about the district of cool
Today I read Katie and the cupcake war by coco Simon chapter 4-2 and it was about the first day of school and always Katie's .
first days of school is of one of the worst days of her life but she was tired of that so she put on different color nail polish. and she
was wearing her lucky necklines and lucky t shirt
Having fun at summer reading!
I read Beauty and the Beast with Joyce
I'm reading James Patterson's "Middle School Escape To Australia". Chapter 6 has a lot of interesting facts about Australian animals!
I just read chapters 6, 7 and 8. It is vey funny and entertaining! πŸ˜„
...very. Whoops!
Emily read Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears. It was funny when Mr. Tabby used a slingshot to get the pears down.
I just finshed reading polor bears
I am now reading about navajo
The zoo box was a weird book the people were the animals
The book Yum! is a book all about taste and your taste buds.
sniff sniff is a book about sme
sniff sniff is a book about how your nose works and how it smells the air we breathe in
Just in case book had a lot of spanish words in it.
Loose tooth was about having loose teeth
Book! Book! Book! was about these animals that have nothing to do because the kids went to school so then they went to the library.
The Jewel Box Ballerinas was about this woman who had 2 of everything Bibi had no friends until she got the two ballerinas
Look a book about sight told me all about how my eyes work
Snacks for Healthy Teeth was about how to keep your teeth healthy.
Today I am reading Judy moody Bad Luck charm. In this part Judy moody PIG sits Jessica 's pig . I can not wait to see what Judy will do.
I am on caper Judy moody pig sitter
Today I read Tarsiers in the Dark with my mom. I learned that Tarsiers are nocturnal, and eat spiders, lizards and birds.
Today I also read Shhhh...A Book About Hearing. I learned about the different parts of the ear and how it works.
Today I read Dork Diaries chapter 1-52 and it was about three girls named Zoey Chloe and Nikki they suck puppies into school and Frist
they put them into the janitors closet and they made a mess it was going to take them at lest an hour to clean it up there was paw prints
every where water on the floor I can tell they are having fun there are Bubbles in the hole room so they put them in the principals
Tonight I read the Ultimate Factivity Collection of Sea Creatures. There are over 36,000 species of fish on earth
! πŸ³πŸ‹πŸ¦ˆπŸ¬πŸ¦‘πŸ™πŸ¦€πŸŸπŸ‘πŸ πŸ¦πŸ¦€
Today I read Dork Diaries chapter 52- the end and it was about Nikki Zoey and Chloe trying to get the puppies out of school and the
principals office was the closest so they went there the minute they walk in the principal was still in there and the puppies got out
and they barked and barked they and hour later of barking the principal saw the dog and to be continued
The story will be continued in another book. I can't wait to read it!
I liked how they got married in The Princess and the Frog
I liked the end in The Little Mermaid
Sofia the Royal Pet Problem was weird because they switched bodies.
Froggy goes to School was funny.
The Little Red Hen was a great book.
Today I read Judy moody bad luck charm. Pig got out in the street !!!! But Luckly Judy and Stink look for them .Eventually they fond it.
Today I read It is Fall, and it reminded me about the season and how much I like to jump in leave piles. I also read Lego City Deep
In The Swamp. I like this book because the cops did their job and caught the crooks.
today I read Judy Moody saves the world!!!
Today I read Judy moody saves the wold. 1 She was not even trying to save the wold .2 its not like superheros she is trying to make the
wold a beret pales.
chapter 1-3 and it was about Judy Moody trying to save the world but she saw a frog and let it free and Judy parents found out and
got in Trouble with a capital T
Today I read Charlotte's web.It was a good book .I really like this book because ...she cares for the pig .
I read chapters 1-4 of Middle School my
brother is a big fat liar. Sometimes my brother is a liar!
Hi Leah
Monday is wash day was nice - they didn't have a clothes washing wachine.
You are not a cat was very funny!
I loved the good for nothing button!
My house was cute, the cat showed you around his house.
I can see just fine was silly, the girl had no idea that she really was not seeing everything.
Peek-a-boo zoo was really cute.
Poor Louie was sad but then it got better.
Doggie Dreams was very silly.
Hide and Sheep was about sheep who got out of the farm and had an adventure.
This and that was super cute.
It's a secret was a good book, I loved it.
Lucy & Company was cute with the little hatchlings.
Don't spill the milk was funny because my mom helped me read it and she used a funny accent.
you can read was great because it says everywhere you can read!
Today I read Judy moody saves the world! I like this book because Judy wont's to protect her environment.
Today I read Farmer Mickey and I really liked it. Mickey used a big fan to blow away the storm.
Today I read Mia the matter of taste chapter 1-7 and it was about Mia was getting braces and glasses what will she do next
I will take a nap was very funny and weird.
Oink-A-Doodle Moo was cute.
I want a Monster was the best when she went to the monster store.
Artist Ted had an amazing adventure being an artist.
I read The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. It made me think about different students' experiences. It makes me want to be a better principal
I am Reading "I am 8" by John Gray III. So far, he talks about persevering and learning from failure. I can't wait to read more tonight!
When the baby whale says it's too deep, too deep was the best part of Baby Whale's Journey.
Duck, duck, moose was funny when the moose messed up the cake.
Teachers Rock told me all about teachers who are really fun.
The Thankful Book had a funny part with underwear on his head.
I read a book about dolphins I learned how their blow holes worked.
Mo Willems is my favorite I read We Are in a Book it's so funny when elephant and piggy say bananas and everyone laughs.
I broke my trunk was funny, I liked when piggy breaks her nose.
The plan didn't work out for elephant and piggie in Should I Share My IceCream.
The I'm not scared book was about people who are not scared of the dark and ghosts.
Alphonse, that is not okay to do!, I liked finding Alphonse under the bunk beds.
I loved pictures in the Seal Book.
In the dolphins book I liked seeing them in the water flipping their flippers.
I'm a girl said to watch out and called her a man and she's not, she's a girl.
I want a monster was funny, the girl got a monster she liked because it was funny.
Oink-a-doodle-moo was I book I didn't really like.
Pizza was great because I like pizza too.
A bully-free bus made me think about things that I could help if I saw a bully.
Charlie hits it big was cute because he thought he could become a movie star.
I will take a nap, piggy was snoring.
Artist Ted can be anything he wants.
A bully free school241
A bully free schools is a good lesson to not bully others.
I dare you not to yawn made me yawn.
Adopt a glurb
adopt a glurb made we want a glurb to take care of.
Philomena's new glass was about guinea pigs who had clothes, and handbags, and glasses.
The Worried book said to not keep your inside to let someone know so you don't have to be worried anymore.
I will always love you was about a funny dog who doesn't listen.
A call for a new alphabet was a long book.
The Penguins book taught me that they can slide on their bellies to get places faster.
I love the Sea Horses book it said they were actually fist.
A bully-free playground taught ways to not be a bully or help someone being bullied.
I'm still reading "I am Number 8." The author made me think about how important it is to make the right choices, even if others do not.
I read Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! by Dr. Seuss. The narrator was not very patient so Marvin did not go until he was ready!
"I am Number 8" is great! Everybody has a purpose in life! We can learn from our mistakes to help us grow and we can help others.
I read Dog Man A Tale Of Two Kitties and I bought Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief 😁
I read Lunch Lady League Of Librarians. It was a ver good comic. πŸ˜„
The rainbow fish it's about sharing
What if Everybody Did That? It's about making good choices
The Juice Box Bully it's about a new boy at school who makes bad choices but then turns nice when the other kids are nice
Don't Ler the Pigeon Drive the Bus! It's funny
There was a cold lady who swallowed some snow! Funny
I survived the Titanic I'm still reading this I like it
National Geographic Kids Sharks It's about different sharks
Lego Star Wars Save the Galaxy!
Kazumi Racecar Pig it's about different cultures from their own and embracing their differences
I read more of I am 8 last night and I can't wait to pick up this afternoon!
Oh the Places You'll Go!
miles and miles of reptiles
the cat and the hat
i want to be somebody new
put me in the zoo
go dog go
are you my mother
the tooth book
the cat and the hat comes back
I read lots of books on RAZ kids! I listened to them first, then read them to myself.
I read a poetry book called Milk and Honey by Rupi Laur. I am currently reading Born to Run, the autobiography by Bruce Springsteen.
I am rereading When Readers Struggle by Fountas and Pinnell.
I read Kyle Jean books, Baby Mouse and Dr. Kittycat books this summer!
This Summer Connor read several books:5 Min StarWars Stories, Ninja, Monster Trouble, Race Car is Roaring, Aesop’s Fables Good Night, and mo