Transcript of frankenstein

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Who is the demon and why does the stranger refer to the demon as the demon?
How does these letters have to do with the monster frankenstein?
What is the suffering that the stranger has gone through?
Why is it in Roberts point of view?
Could the demon be Frankenstein?
What's the purpose of Robert Walton's letter's to his sister at the beginning of the book?
What if the first stranger they see on the dog sled could be frankenstein, and the second one that's on the ship could be his creator?
Why were the misfortunes of the merchant important to Mary Shelley's story?
Could Victor's fascination with the storm contribute to his interest in science and electricity?
What is Elizabeth's significance to the book?
Why did victor have such a intrest in nature
How does the book cover relate to the story?
What exactly is natural philosophy?
Why does Victor leave Elizabeth?
Why does Victor's mom risk her life to help her daughter?
Mary Shelley's quote from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner signifies that Victor feels like he is being followed by his creation (Page 44)
Why would Victor be Repulsed by something he worked so hard to achieve?
the monster kill Victor's brother?
Could it have been the monster that killed Victor's brother?
What outcome was Victor expecting from his creation?
Why was his family such a big reason he did not commit suicide?
What sort of adventures and travels has the monster had that make him so eager to tell his tale to Victor?
Did Frankenstein create the monster to be similar to himself in personality?
What is bad? -terry
When the monster first came to life he uttered unintelligible noises but now he conversed with Frankenstein with an advanced vocabulary.How?
Is the creature justified to act the way he is?
Does the creature have the right to be giving Victor an ultimatum? Or should it be delivered by a higher power
Is there anything matthew sullivan cannot argue?
Could forms of light such as moons and fire symbolize comfort to the monster?
Do you think there's a deeper meaning to why the creature feels so bonded towards the cottagers?
What language are the people speaking?
Why does the monster refer to the family as his "friends"?
Where is the monster located on the map?
Why does the monster feel the need to help the family?
Who is the person who the creature refer to as "the Arabian"
Do you think the cottagers realized that the monster was the one who was bringing them wood and doing chores for them after he left?
Do you think that while Frankenstein was listening to the story told by the monster that he was empathizing with the monster?
Is the monster jealous of Victor?
What might have happened if the monster didn't meet the girl who drowned?
would you react the same as the monster if you constantly got punished for doing good?
Do we know what beauty is? Or are we just taught by society?
Why does the creature want a female companion made for him?
Why is he killing some people and saving others?
Why does the creature expect this new creature to like him?
Why does Victor need more information to create this monster and why does he need to
travel to get it
Was the monster the one who killed the man when victor got to the shore on the boat, and got accused for it?
Was Victor right to deni his creation of another?
Why would Victor's parents tell him to treat Elizabeth like a sister if they planned for Victor to marry her?
Will the creature stop being a bad person or will he continue being how he is?
Do you think the ending would be different if Vicctor created a female friend for the monster
What happens to the monster after Victor dies?
If Victor hadn't abandoned the creature right after he was created, would the story have been different? (Nature vs. Nurture)
If Victor wouldn't have told his story to Walton, do you think Walton would have had sympathy for the monster when he came along?
What can we take away from Frankenstein to apply to our own lives?
What are the purpose of the letters Walton wrote? What role will Walton have in the story?
Does the family ever find out about the creature? What would their response to him be.
When does Walton come back into the story? Does he have a significant role?