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B.O.S.S. Global Alliance - Monthly Ambassador Call LIVE Chat Room with Coach Al & Hattie Hollingsworth
Hi Family, Welcome to today's call!
Coach's Message is "Secrets of Happiness & Success"!
#1. Count Your Blessings
#2. Proclaim your rarity
#3. Go the extra mile.
Please type your feedback to today's message here or simply type *61 on your phone to SPEAK your comments.
Book "The Greatest Miracle in the World" by Og Mandino -
Hi Family! We encourage you to give FEEDBACK from today's Ambassador Call - July 1, 2017 -Tech Queen
Duana THANK YOU for you powerful testimony! You TRULY exemplify the qualities of a virtuous woman. GOD bless you and your family IMMENSELY!
Thank you Darryl! To *GOD* be the glory!
ENTHIOS ROCKSTARS for July, 2017 is Pastors / Coaches JD & MYRA MITCHELL!!! WHEWEE!! Congratulations!!!
awesome LIGHT-FILLED CALL full God's Holy Spirit! Thanks for the transparency family...It prepared me 4 this week's test & was able to win
Who will be the 1st to JOIN this global chat board for B.O.S.S. November 2017 1st Saturday Ambassador Call?
I have a word
okay. we'll check-in with Coach to see if we have time for Feedback since we have a few queued to speak.
You can always write your comments here as well.. fyi.
Last night, after I had an incident with my 7yr old, I earnestly prayed for wisdom. I am assured that God used this call to answer my prayer
Wow!! That's a power message Ebere!
Every detail of your life is important to God. :)
Hallelujah! Coach I hear your passionfor God’s people especially youth every child needs to hear this before they are infected by the world!
Love you Coach & Mrs. H
Thank you all for playing in the TECH ZONE in this CHAT session!!
Congratulations Lady Tapatha!
Thank you for changing my life and empowering Teaching & training me to lift up teach others their BIRTH RIGHTS!May Gods Abundance b upon U
Love All you Global Change Agents!!!!!
Thank you tech Queen!
They send they love to you as well family!