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  • How do I use the "My School" option?

    For districts where students have school-issued email addresses, My School lets you increase the safety and accountability of TodaysMeet for your students by requiring them to not just log in with a TodaysMeet account, but to log in with a school-issued email address.

    Before you can use the My School access option for a room, you need to be sure to configure your school's domains in your settings. This setting will apply to all rooms limited to My School.

    The domain portion of an email address is the part after the @ sign. So, for example, in the address, the domain is

    There are usually one or two important email domains for a district.

    • There may be one domain for all students, staff, and faculty (for example or
    • Or there may be two domains, one for students, and one for faculty and staff (e.g. and

    You should check with your district tech staff if you are not sure.

    Enter the domains, as many as you need for your school, one on each line, on your settings page and click Update domains.

    Step-by-step Instructions

    1. Once you've signed up for Teacher Tools, visit /accounts/settings#my-domains.
    2. Enter each email domain that is used in your school. (See examples above.) Enter one domain per line and click Update domains.
    3. Open a room—or change the access rules of an open room—and set it to My School.
    4. Have students visit TodaysMeet and create an account for an account with their school email address.
    5. Students must be logged in to this account to see or participate in the room.

    Verified Accounts

    To join a My School room, users need to be logged in to a verified account, which means they must confirm that the email address belongs to them. There are three ways to verify an account:

    • Create a TodaysMeet account with a Google account
    • Connect a Google account that has the same email address you used to create your account
    • Follow the link to Confirm Your Account in the welcome email we send

    Many schools do not allow student email addresses to receive email from outside sources. To verify their TodaysMeet accounts, students must have Google accounts, or be able to receive email from

    My School is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • How do I access transcripts of my closed rooms?

    With Teacher Tools, you enjoy permanent access to Transcripts of your closed rooms. No more worrying about getting back to a room in time!

    On your home page, closed rooms appear appear in a different color than open rooms, but you can still click on them to get to the Transcript.

    There is a link to the Transcript in the collection of links to the right of the room name on your home page:

    transcript link for closed room

    Publish and Embed

    Not only can you access transcripts of closed rooms, but you can choose to make them available to others, with all the same access rules as open rooms! Transcripts can be embedded or you can share links to them on TodaysMeet.

    Once a room has closed, it is, by default, only visible to its organizer. You can change the access rules by clicking the lock icon, exactly how you'd do it for an open room!

    access controls for closed rooms

    Transcript access is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • What happens when I Pause a room?

    Pause lets you put a room on hold and restart it when you're ready.

    • Pause a room while giving instructions to keep attention focused
    • Run a "race" or prevent early answers
    • Prevent posts when you can't monitor the room, such as at night or over the weekend
    • Get a room set up ahead of time
    • Stop bad behavior before it gets out of hand

    When a room is Paused, only the organizer who opened the room can post new comments.

    Pause is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • How do room Topics work?

    Room Topics are short notes you can put at the top of your rooms.

    • Ask questions or give prompts
    • Help new-comers get on topics
    • Focus the conversation

    To set a topic, click where it says "Click here to add a topic", type your new topic, and press enter or click outside the yellow area.

    To change or erase a room's topic, click on the topic, change or remove the text, then press enter or click outside the yellow area.

    You can cancel editing the topic by pressing "Escape".

    When you update the topic in a room, everyone will see the new topic immediately. This lets you send new questions or prompts to students in real time.

    Topics are part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • What happens when I Mute a student?

    Mute helps prevent students from derailing a class or activity by silently hiding their disruptive comments.

    Students are not informed* that they have been muted. To the troublemaker, the class simply appears uninterested in their posts. Muting a student only applies to the current room.

    Mute is most reliable when combined with My School.

    Mute is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

    * If the room is projected or the student can see that their comments don't appear on another student's screen, they will probably figure it out.

  • How do I mute a participant?

    If a participant is persistently off-topic or causing problems, Teacher Tools subscribers can mute that participant for the duration of the room.

    To mute a participant, hover over a message (or tap on touch devices like iPads) from the participant. The "mute" and "delete" buttons should become visible. Then click on "Mute":

    the mute button on a message

    Mute is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • How do I change a room password?

    Room passwords can be added, changed, or removed after a room is open from your home page.

    1. Open the room tools by clicking on the dots next to the room's name.
    2. Under "Room Password", there is a field with the current password

      where to find the room password

    3. When you click or tap on the field, the current password will become visible:

      see the current password

    4. Add, change, or remove the current password and click the "Set Password" button.

    What happens to people currently in the room?

    If you add or change a room password, anyone currently connected to the room will be disconnected until they enter the new password.

    Room Passwords are part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • What happens when I change a room password?

    When you room password changes, anyone currently connected to the room will be disconnected and unable to rejoin until they enter the new password.

    users will see this message

    Room Passwords are part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.

  • How do I cancel my Teacher Tools subscription?

    You can cancel your TodaysMeet Teacher Tools subscription at any time by visiting your subscription settings.

    1. Visit your Subscription Settings.
    2. Click Cancel Teacher Tools.

    Your credit card will be refunded for any time remaining in the current billing period.