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Embedding Questions

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  • What is embedding?

    TodaysMeet enables you to embed a room on another website, like a class page or blog, so that your visitors can read the discussion—or even participate!—without leaving your website.

    For example, here's a TodaysMeet room embedded in a Moodle course:

    A room embedded in Moodle

    To get the embedding code for a room, open up the Room Tools menu and select Embed >:

    Where to find embed codes

  • What's the difference between "Live Stream" and "Transcript"?

    When you embed a TodaysMeet room in another website, you can choose between a Live Stream or a Transcript.

    Embedding options

    A Transcript will display the comments in chronological order, with the newest comments at the bottom, and is useful for reading a room once the conversation has finished.

    A Live Stream is just like joining a room on, with the newest comments at the top. You can choose to make embedded room read-only, or to Allow participation, which lets visitors to your site join in on the conversation from your website!

  • What happens when an embedded room closes?

    When an room closes, either because it expires or is closed early, the room will display a notice anywhere that it is embedded, such as:

    Closed embedded room

  • Can embedded rooms still require users be logged in?

    Yes! Embedding a room does not change its privacy settings: if the room requires users to log in on TodaysMeet, it still requires them to log in when it's embedded on another site. Users can log in to TodaysMeet directly from the embedded room.

  • How do I embed a TodaysMeet room into my web page / Google Site / blog / etc?

    A TodaysMeet room can be embedded into any website or content management system (CMS) that supports <iframes>. In most cases if you can embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo, or a slideshow from Prezi or SlideShare, you can embed a TodaysMeet room.

    1. Copy the Other embed code from your TodaysMeet room.

    2. Create or edit a page on your site. If you are using an online editor or CMS, make sure to set the editor to "Source" or "HTML" mode.

    3. Paste in the code and save the page.

    4. That's it! You can now access your TodaysMeet room without leaving your website.

  • How do I embed a TodaysMeet room into Blackboard?

    You can embed a TodaysMeet room into Blackboard items with a few simple steps.

    1. Copy the Other embed code from your TodaysMeet room.

    2. Follow the steps from this helpful video to embed the room.

  • What is the TodaysMeet WordPress plugin? How do I use it?

    The TodaysMeet WordPress plugin makes it easy to embed your TodaysMeet rooms in your WordPress blog with a simple shortcode.

    [todaysmeet id=12345]


    Either download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory or search for "TodaysMeet" in the WordPress admin's Plugins page.

    Shortcode Attributes

    The id is required, but there are some optional attributes to the shortcode:

    • type - set to "live" to switch to a Live Stream.
    • participate - set to "yes" to allow visitors to your blog to join and participate in the room. (Note that type must be set to "live" for participate to have an effect.)
    • width - allows you to control how wide the embedded room is. Defaults to 100%.
    • height - allows you to control how tall the embedded room is. Defaults to 400 (pixels).

    Here's an example with all the optional attributes:

    [todaysmeet id=12345 type=live participate=no width=50% height=300]

    Source Code

    The TodaysMeet WordPress plugin is open source software, released under the GPLv2 or later license. You can find the source code on GitHub and download, modify, fork, and submit pull requests!

  • How do I embed a TodaysMeet room into Moodle?

    You can embed a TodaysMeet room into any Moodle page (course, page, etc) where you can add a new HTML block.

    1. First, copy the Moodle embed code from your room.

    2. Go to your Moodle course. Make sure editing is turned on and add a new block:

      Add a block to Moodle

    3. Then configure the new block:

      Configure the new block

    4. Paste in the embed code. To paste successfully you may need to open the advanced editing options and turn on the code view:

      Turn on code editing

    5. Adjust any other settings on the new block and save it. Your room should now be on your Moodle course page!

      Embedded in Moodle

  • How do I embed a TodaysMeet room into Haiku?

    It's easy to embed a TodaysMeet room into Haiku using Haiku's Embed the Web.

    1. Copy the Haiku embed code from your room.

    2. Go to your Haiku course and click + Add Content Block.

    3. Select Embed the Web:

      Select Embed the Web

    4. Paste your embed code into Haiku and hit Next:

      Paste in the embed code

    5. Give your block a title, adjust any other settings, and click Save:

      Title and save the block

  • How do I embed a TodaysMeet room in Schoology?

    You can embed a TodaysMeet room into a Page, Assignment, or other types of Course Materials by using the the "Other" embed type.

    1. Copy the "Other" embed code from your room.

    2. Add or edit the Page or other Course Material in Schoology.

    3. Switch to the HTML editor:

      Switch editor mode to HTML

    4. Paste in the code, give your page a title, and click Create or Save Changes:

      Paste in HTML

    5. That's it! You and your students can now access your TodaysMeet room from your Schoology course.

  • Troubleshooting: Why can't I see my embedded room?

    There are several reasons you may not be able to see your TodaysMeet room. If you are using a learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle or Blackboard, that is run by your school, try contacting your technical support if the steps below don't work. If you are using a hosted LMS, such as Edmodo or Schoology, you may need to contact their help desk.

    I see code, not a room

    If you see code instead of the embedded room, re-edit the page, and make sure to switch the editor to Source or HTML mode before pasting the embed code.

    I see nothing at all

    Your LMS may not support <iframe> embedding, or may not allow embedding from TodaysMeet. Contact either your school's or the LMSes technical support to find out. (And ask if they can allow TodaysMeet!)