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General Questions

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  • How can I close a room early?

    Logged in users can close their own rooms whenever they want or need to! Take control of your rooms by creating an account.

    On your home page, open the room details by clicking on the three dots () and then click on the close button

    close button on home page

    You can also close the room rom the Room Tools:

    close button in room tools

    In cases of cyberbullying or other content clearly violating the Terms of Use please contact

  • My room closed before I could save the transcript, can I still get the data?

    Teacher Tools includes permanent access to read, publish, and embed transcripts of your closed rooms. With Teacher Tools, you'll never need to worry about when a room is closing!

    For one-off requests, please email These requests may take several days, please be patient.

  • How can I save the contents of a room?

    The easiest way to save the contents of a room is to click on the Transcript link in the Room Tools below the list of messages and then save the page. There are a couple of ways to do that:

    • Use the provided Print button to print or save the page as a PDF.

    • Select the whole room (click and drag or use Control-A or Command-A), copy it, and paste it into a word processor, like TextEdit or Wordpad, then save the document.

    • Use "Save Page" in the File menu of your browser.

    • Some computers can "print" the page as a PDF.

  • Can I extend a room?

    No, the closing time of a room cannot be changed once the room is opened.

  • I saw a message from "TodaysMeet", "TodaysMeet Moderator", or "TodaysMeet Administrator", or a similar name. Is it real?

    No. TodaysMeet does not participate in Rooms. System notifications do not appear in Rooms' lists of messages or transcripts.

  • How many people can participate in a room?

    There is no limit to the number of participants in a TodaysMeet room, either at once or over time. TodaysMeet is often used with hundreds of people chatting together.

    To protect its infrastructure, if the open rooms belonging to one account have more than 500 concurrent connections for more than one hour, TodaysMeet reserves the right to close rooms to bring the number of connections down below 500.

  • How do I turn on Speaker Colors?

    Speaker Colors helps you keep track of who's speaking by associating a color with each user, even if they're anonymous or change their nickname. It's especially helpful in fast-paced rooms for following each participant's comments.

    Speaker colors on messages in a room

    To turn on Speaker Colors, open the Room Tools:

    Click on the Room Tools button

    Then check "Show speaker colors?" under Preferences:

    Check the box next to Show speaker colors

  • How do I change who can join a room?

    TodaysMeet rooms can be set to allow various groups to participate:

    • Anyone allows anyone who knows the address of the room to participate by entering a nickname. This is the easiest way to have people join a room.
    • Logged-in Users requires every participant be signed into a TodaysMeet account. This ensures that every comment is associated with an email address and can increase accountability.
    • My School (available with Teacher Tools) further limits participants to those with TodaysMeet accounts whose email address is associated with a school or district.

    Access to a room can be changed at any time from your home page. Expand the room options by clicking on the row, then pick a new access level. Your setting will be saved automatically.

    A screenshot of the access control setting

  • Where can I find the transcript of a room?

    For reading the transcript of a room after the conversation has taken place, TodaysMeet provides a Transcript view. In the Transcript view, comments are presented in the order they were posted, that is the oldest comments are at the top.

    To find the Transcript of a room that is still open, there are two links. From your home page, click or tap on the dots next to a room to expand the Room Tools:

    expand the room tools

    Then find the "Transcript" link on the left:

    location of the transcript link

    Alternatively, from the room itself, a link to the Transcript is available in the Room Tools. First, open the Room Tools:

    open the room tools

    Then click the Transcript link:

    the transcript link in the room tools

    Transcripts of Closed Rooms

    TodaysMeet Teacher Tools subscribers can also access the transcripts of their closed rooms. See How do I access Transcripts of my closed rooms? for more information.

  • How can I print the transcript of a room?

    TodaysMeet provides a convenient printer-friendly view for printing the Transcript of a room, or saving it as a PDF.

    On the Transcript, there is a Print button:

    print button

    Clicking this button will open your browser's Print dialog, and from there you can print the Transcript, save it as a PDF, or any other options available in your browser.

  • Why do we ask for your date of birth?

    When you create a TodaysMeet account, we ask for your date of birth to verify that you are over 13. This, along with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, helps us protect our users under 13 years of age by limiting the amount of data we collect from them.

    We do not store your birth date. We only record that you were at least 13 when you created your account.

  • How do I delete a comment?

    Unfortunately, from time to time a comment in a room is off-topic or inappropriate. One of the benefits of creating a free TodaysMeet account is the ability to remove comments from your rooms.

    To remove a comment from one of your rooms, either hover over it with your mouse, or tap it on a touch screen device (like an iPad), the word "delete" will appear:

    delete a comment

    Click or tap on "delete" and the comment will be removed from the room.