TodaysMeet Help

Where can I find the transcript of a room?

For reading the transcript of a room after the conversation has taken place, TodaysMeet provides a Transcript view. In the Transcript view, comments are presented in the order they were posted, that is the oldest comments are at the top.

To find the Transcript of a room that is still open, there are two links. From your home page, click or tap on the dots next to a room to expand the Room Tools:

expand the room tools

Then find the "Transcript" link on the left:

location of the transcript link

Alternatively, from the room itself, a link to the Transcript is available in the Room Tools. First, open the Room Tools:

open the room tools

Then click the Transcript link:

the transcript link in the room tools

Transcripts of Closed Rooms

TodaysMeet Teacher Tools subscribers can also access the transcripts of their closed rooms. See How do I access Transcripts of my closed rooms? for more information.