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How do I access transcripts of my closed rooms?

With Teacher Tools, you enjoy permanent access to Transcripts of your closed rooms. No more worrying about getting back to a room in time!

On your home page, closed rooms appear appear in a different color than open rooms, but you can still click on them to get to the Transcript.

There is a link to the Transcript in the collection of links to the right of the room name on your home page:

transcript link for closed room

Publish and Embed

Not only can you access transcripts of closed rooms, but you can choose to make them available to others, with all the same access rules as open rooms! Transcripts can be embedded or you can share links to them on TodaysMeet.

Once a room has closed, it is, by default, only visible to its organizer. You can change the access rules by clicking the lock icon, exactly how you'd do it for an open room!

access controls for closed rooms

Transcript access is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.