TodaysMeet Help

Why TodaysMeet?

TodaysMeet was one of the first backchannel tools built for classroom use. Teachers and students alike love and use TodaysMeet for a number of reasons.

  • TodaysMeet is simple.

    While there are powerful tools available, conversation, the main activity, is very easy. Open a web page (or scan a QR code or more), enter a nickname, and start participating. TodaysMeet focuses on minimizing distractions and keeping that core experience simple and uninterrupted.

  • TodaysMeet is a platform for educators.

    Rooms are very simple concepts that teachers have adapted to countless activities. From lectures to test prep to sick days to Socratic Seminars,

  • TodaysMeet is safe.

    Rooms are never listed publicly, so only the people who know the name of your room can join it. With Teacher Tools you can add more controls—and accountability.

    TodaysMeet can also be used as a safe social place, where students can experiment and learn without using more public, more permanent platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and without a permanent identity.

    TodaysMeet does not need any personal information from students—though some teachers and schools can opt to have students create accounts for accountability.

  • TodaysMeet is empowering.

    TodaysMeet dramatically improves classroom engagement, especially for learners who don't like to participate out loud.

    TodaysMeet empowers student voices, enhances existing activities, and enables whole new kinds of activity and interactions.