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How do I use the "My School" option?

For districts where students have school-issued email addresses, My School lets you increase the safety and accountability of TodaysMeet for your students by requiring them to not just log in with a TodaysMeet account, but to log in with a school-issued email address.

Before you can use the My School access option for a room, you need to be sure to configure your school's domains in your settings. This setting will apply to all rooms limited to My School.

The domain portion of an email address is the part after the @ sign. So, for example, in the address, the domain is

There are usually one or two important email domains for a district.

  • There may be one domain for all students, staff, and faculty (for example or
  • Or there may be two domains, one for students, and one for faculty and staff (e.g. and

You should check with your district tech staff if you are not sure.

Enter the domains, as many as you need for your school, one on each line, on your settings page and click Update domains.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Once you've signed up for Teacher Tools, visit /accounts/settings#my-domains.
  2. Enter each email domain that is used in your school. (See examples above.) Enter one domain per line and click Update domains.
  3. Open a room—or change the access rules of an open room—and set it to My School.
  4. Have students visit TodaysMeet and create an account for an account with their school email address.
  5. Students must be logged in to this account to see or participate in the room.

Verified Accounts

To join a My School room, users need to be logged in to a verified account, which means they must confirm that the email address belongs to them. There are three ways to verify an account:

  • Create a TodaysMeet account with a Google account
  • Connect a Google account that has the same email address you used to create your account
  • Follow the link to Confirm Your Account in the welcome email we send

Many schools do not allow student email addresses to receive email from outside sources. To verify their TodaysMeet accounts, students must have Google accounts, or be able to receive email from

My School is part of TodaysMeet Teacher Tools.