TodaysMeet Help

What is a "Room"?

A room is a place for discussion! A room typically serves as a classroom backchannel, but can also be used for group work, quiet conversation, distributed classes (think sick days and snow days, or review sessions, political events, connecting with other classes around the world) and more!

How you use rooms in your classroom is up to you. You get to pick a name for each room, and how long it will stay open, up to one year. (You can, of course, close the room whenever you need to.)

You can have as many room as you need. Open a fresh one every week, or even every day, for each class, or re-use the same room to create more continuity. It's up to you!

Rooms are never listed publicly and or in search engines. Only the people who know the name of your room

Joining a room is easy. A room is represented by a URL. For example: is a room called "ROOM_NAME". There are more options and tools to help get your class up and running.