TodaysMeet Help

How do I embed a TodaysMeet room into Moodle?

You can embed a TodaysMeet room into any Moodle page (course, page, etc) where you can add a new HTML block.

  1. First, copy the Moodle embed code from your room.

  2. Go to your Moodle course. Make sure editing is turned on and add a new block:

    Add a block to Moodle

  3. Then configure the new block:

    Configure the new block

  4. Paste in the embed code. To paste successfully you may need to open the advanced editing options and turn on the code view:

    Turn on code editing

  5. Adjust any other settings on the new block and save it. Your room should now be on your Moodle course page!

    Embedded in Moodle