TodaysMeet Help

What is the TodaysMeet WordPress plugin? How do I use it?

The TodaysMeet WordPress plugin makes it easy to embed your TodaysMeet rooms in your WordPress blog with a simple shortcode.

[todaysmeet id=12345]


Either download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory or search for "TodaysMeet" in the WordPress admin's Plugins page.

Shortcode Attributes

The id is required, but there are some optional attributes to the shortcode:

  • type - set to "live" to switch to a Live Stream.
  • participate - set to "yes" to allow visitors to your blog to join and participate in the room. (Note that type must be set to "live" for participate to have an effect.)
  • width - allows you to control how wide the embedded room is. Defaults to 100%.
  • height - allows you to control how tall the embedded room is. Defaults to 400 (pixels).

Here's an example with all the optional attributes:

[todaysmeet id=12345 type=live participate=no width=50% height=300]

Source Code

The TodaysMeet WordPress plugin is open source software, released under the GPLv2 or later license. You can find the source code on GitHub and download, modify, fork, and submit pull requests!